Peak Freight Solutions was founded in 2009. The Company is embodied by a team of individuals coming from the Freight Forwarding Industry to provide solid and excellent performance through their wealth of experience and expertise. Each share a passion to give full satisfaction to all our customers, and are capable of providing tailor made forwarding services. Qualities that will allow positive and perceptible results that will certainly make all the difference, as our well trained managers and staff, are geared to give the most economical, efficient and flexible method of cargo forwarding to our customers, a valuable character that will put us in “Peak” (so to speak) above the rest in the industry.

Our mission is to constantly and consistently provide the most economical, efficient and flexible method of cargo forwarding to our customers. We will provide personalized service and solutions that are tailored to their needs, by thoroughly understanding our customers’ requirements, and deliver outstanding results, to meet or surpass customer expectation and ensure satisfaction. We will continue to search and learn the most innovative methods, and apply our knowledge in the field of international and local Forwarding and Transportation to the specific needs of our customers.

Our People make the difference;

  • By understanding and meeting the customer’s needs
  • Through their enthusiasm, experience, know how, knowledge and talent for self development
  • By working with selected and dynamic premium partners in various sectors
  • By offering total solutions
  • By being easily accessible to the customers in situations involving their cargoes
  • By using the strength of Peak Freight Solutions : capital, structure, management and experience